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Jacmel - Haitian Wood Carving Statue

This sculpture was hand carved and painted in the port city of Jacmel, Haiti. The barefoot, partially bald man has his gathering bag slung over his right shoulder and is carrying a gourd in his left hand.

Beehive Shape Stoneware Miniature Bottle

This beautiful alkaline glazed, wood fired stoneware bottle vase was hand thrown by Australian John K. Dellow, studio potter at his Blue Mountains Pottery in The Gold Coast, Queensland.

American Belleek Porcelain Tankard

This luscious tall tankard is hand painted American Belleek porcelain, made by the Ceramic Art Company in Trenton, New Jersey. Walter Scott Lenox was one of the two founders in 1889, producing art pottery and early American Belleek.

Fenton Butterfly Finial Art Glass Candy Dish

This beautiful open rose shaped covered candy bowl is #54 of an edition of 650 made by Fenton Art Glass in Williamstown, West Virginia. The glass is chocolate slag, with its lovely variations in color and fine streaks of chocolate throughout. The lid is topped with a finial in the shape of a finely molded butterfly.

Antique Russian Icon

The most dominant motif in Eastern Orthodox Russian iconography is the Mother of God. This enameled bronze icon depicts a bust-length image of the Bogolubskaya Mother of God. The original Bogolubskaya icon was painted in 1157 to commemorate the appearance of The Virgin Mary to Grand Prince Andrew Bogolubsky, whose last name means Lover of God.