"Rosslyn" Pattern Falcon Ware Hand Painted Bowl

Falcon Ware Hand Painted Bowl "Rosslyn" Pattern by Thomas Lawrence

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    This is a beautiful Staffordshire embossed cutwork bowl in the "Rosslyn" pattern. It's hand painted with green and golden leaves and bunches of red grapes on pure white earthenware. Made by the Falcon Pottery, founded by Thomas Lawrence in 1885, this dish dates from the 1950's to 1964, when the Falcon pottery ceased to exist due to a merger. The printed mark on the back was used during that time period; it consists of Rosslyn and Falcon Ware in script, along with MADE IN ENGLAND and HAND PAINTED WARE. The foot is surrounded by a wash of golden color and surmounted by a splash of the same green used on the front.

    This bowl measures 10 1/2 inches across and stands 2 inches high. It weighs almost 1 3/4 pounds and is in absolutely pristine condition. This bowl is a wonderful shelf sitter or centerpiece. very colorful and eye catching.

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