1920's Silk Moths With Moriage & Gilding Black Satsuma Bowl

Black Satsuma Bowl 1920's Japan, Silk Moths With Moriage & Gilding


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    • 4315 Japanese Famille Noir Moth Bowl bottom mark and sticker view-2919 x 2413-jpg.JPG
    4315 Japanese Famille Noir Moth Bowl inside view only 2283 x 2158-jpg.JPG

    This gorgeous mid century Satsuma bowl is made of terra cotta clay, covered completely with enamel and the raised slip decorations called moriage. The central motif on the interior is of twin silk moths that are surrounded by floral and diaper designs, all set on a flat black, famille noire style background. which was popular in the 1920's. The exterior is enameled in creamy off-white with the fine crackle associated with Satsuma. It's decorated with a meander design set on an iron red band at the rim and a vine of leaves and flowers in various colors around the center. The mark on the bottom "MADE IN JAPAN" is stamped in gold; there is also a remnant of a paper sticker that probably read the same {what's legible is "N JAPAN}. The hand painting on this bowl is lovely and there is a generous amount of gilding.

    The bowl measures 7 inches across and 2 1/2 inches tall and weighs just over a pound. The condition is very good, with just a few small flakes off the exterior enamel {photograph #4, left}, minor wear to the bottom of the foot ring and to the gilding on the rim of the bowl, and very small areas of rubbing on the exterior red band. This Japanese bowl from the 1920's will elicit admiring comments wherever it's placed. 

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