Oil on Masonite Signed Anna Rose Bottex Cap-Haitien

  Oil on Masonite Signed Anna Rose Bottex Cap-Haitien

This wonderful Haitian oil painting on Masonite is true folk art, depicting the Haitian way of life, the people and the Haitian culture. It was created in the city of Cap-Haitien by Anna Rose Bottex; she signed her painting with the title 'Melle' in front of her name. Melle is short for Matmwazèl, meaning unmarried woman in the Haitian Creole French language. Cap-Haitien is also the title of one of the localized schools of art in Haiti, one that concerns itself with the everyday life of the people, rather than landscapes or seascapes, for example.

Since the 1940's, Haitian art has expanded from realism into schools of modern art such as abstract and impressionist works. This painting was done to represent the real way of life that Anna Rose Bottex saw around her: a home made of mud and sticks with a thatched roof, a squatting woman preparing food and a man with an axe, perhaps returning from chopping wood. The painting is framed with simple wooden molding, painted white with an inner liner hand painted with gold paint. Glazier's points were used on the back to secure the painting and there is a twisted white hanging wire attached to a staple on each side of the frame. Framed measurements are approximately 10 inches by 10 inches by 1 inch. The frame has some small rubs where the paint is missing and is structurally sound and tight. The painting is in wonderful condition, with vibrant, unfaded colors.

Haitian art is internationally respected and a joy to own.

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