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Sunburst 1920's Quilt Hand Quilted

There are many variations of sunburst patterns on quilts, but this one with the central pieced sunburst is dramatic and eye catching. The colors are cranberry, hunter green and a pale mustard set against an ecru background that's a bit darker than it looks in the photos--more like an unbleached muslin. The colored fabrics are all 1920's cotton prints, patterned with flowers. The pieces were machine stitched and the quilting was then done by hand, using double hearts on the outermost green diamonds of the sunburst {this can be seen best in photo number 3, especially if you zoom it}. The top, bottom and side edges are trimmed with rows of diamonds that form points for a very decorative look. The reverse of the quilt is the cranberry print only.

PYH 4142