Persian Art Circa 1630 Erotic Painting on a Ceramic Platter

Erotic Painting on a Ceramic Platter


The erotic scene hand painted on this large platter is an artist's rendering of a painting entitled "Two Lovers," done in 1630 by a famous Persian miniaturist, one version of whose name is Reza-i-Abbasi (c. 1565 to 1635). The scene shows an amorous couple surrounded by feathers, flowers, apples and a bottle of perfume. The platter itself is creamy white clay with a glossy clear top glaze and touches of golden yellow at spots along the scalloped rim. The artist who painted this platter signed it on the reverse in black painted print: "Lovers" Riza-i-Abbasi 16th cent. Persian by E. Bagdasarian 12/86.
The platter measures 11 1/2 inches in diameter and is about an inch high. It's in outstanding condition, with wear to the golden yellow painted on the rim the only issue. It's an out-of-the-ordinary ceramic piece and beautifully painted.
Note: While the artist cited the original painting as being from the 16th century, since it was painted in 1630 it was actually done in the 17th century. This is the same mix-up commonly seen when an item is identified as being 19th century and from 1920 at the same time.
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erotic lovers plate back showing lovers -Riza-i-Abbasi 16 cent. by E. Bagdasarian
erotic lovers plate front view


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