ABC Child's Plate Kewpies Made in Germany Signed Rose O'Neill

German ABC Child's Kewpie Plate
This is a children's alphabet plate, meant to serve a child’s food while teaching the alphabet. These plates were popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and have been collected ever since. This one is decorated with a pair of kewpies, designed by illustrator Rose O'Neill, which were initially printed as comic strip characters in the Ladies' Home Journal. As a cartoon described them "Kewpie Elves are Happy Spirits Neither Boy or Girl." Kewpies went on to be made as bisque dolls in Germany beginning in 1912. They also appeared as paper dolls, postcards, prints, and many other items, including china and porcelain, like this one. (The black and white photograph is of Rose O'Neill, of course).
Two kewpies, one with a knitted scarf and cap and the other with just knitted socks, are centered on the pure white porcelain and surrounded with the letters of the alphabet, printed in gilt block capitals around the rim of the 6 inch plate. On the reverse is Rose O'Neill's very distinctive signature, the word Kewpie and the word Germany, all in underglaze green script. It was possibly made by Royal Rudolstadt in Prussia and just missed its manufacturer's logo mark. Given that the kewpies were first published in 1909 and items were required to be marked "Made in..." starting in 1921, we're comfortable dating this plate between 1909 and 1921. It's in absolutely pristine condition, including the gilding, and a joy to the collector of ABC plates and/or kewpies.
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PYH 4118

Still Life "Chianti Bottle with Fruit" on Canvas

Chianti Bottle with Fruit Acrylic Painting

Item Name
Chianti Bottle with Fruit Acrylic Painting
Sold - $150.00

This painting is attributed to Violette de Mazia, (1896-1988), a French-born art professor who became the Director of Education at the Barnes Foundation in Pennsylvania. According to the Violette de Mazia Foundation, she did not sell her own paintings commercially but there are several we've seen for sale, with still lifes being a recurrent theme. 

This painting, done in oils on canvas, is a beautiful still life of fruits and wine with an Italian flair. The chianti bottle, in its fiasco (straw basket), is particularly nicely done; glass is difficult to render well in a painting. The copper bowl with its touches of verdigris, the pears, the apples, the green leaves—they are all a part of this handsome work. 

The signature, de Mazia, is on the bottom left; it's untitled by the artist. The frame is gold painted wood with an intermediate liner of black velvet, the nap of which is just a bit worn, and then an innermost fillet of very narrow gold painted wood. The frame measures 22 inches by 18 inches by 1 ½ inches while the actual visual area of the painting is 15 ½ inches by 11 ½ inches. It is all in great condition but for a few minor nicks to the frame.

This painting is wonderful for your dining room, living room kitchen or den and complements both formal and casual interiors.
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PYH 3793

Asian Art Pottery Vase Amphora-Shaped

Asian Art Pottery Vase Amphora-Shaped


This vintage art pottery vase was modeled in a graceful amphora shape. It is a very tactile piece, in that the ridges that encircle the body and the handles and the splashes of dark blue, slightly iridescent slip can all be felt with the fingertips. The olive green glaze was applied first, then the splattered blue and finally a clear glaze, except on the base, which just has the matte green glaze. The vase is not marked; it may have had a paper or foil label which has been lost.
It is a heavy (2 1/2 pounds), fairly tall vase, standing 9 ½ inches high to the top of the applied handles, which are attached at the shoulders and just under the rim. The widest measurement is 7 ½ inches and the base and mouth are 3 ¼ inches.
The condition of this vase is very good. There are a few pinpoint glaze pops, a hard to see flea bite on the upper rim and some red marks on the bottom, but no chips and no cracks.
This is a beautiful piece of art pottery that is not just a vase—it’s a sculptural accent for any room.
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PYH 3689

Snowy Farm in the Rockies Oil on Canvas by Emily Faw Canadian Artist

Snowy Farm in the Rockies Oil on Canvas by Emily Faw Canadian Artist


This vibrant painting was done on stretchered canvas by Emily Faw, a self-taught Canadian artist in Tillsonburg, Ontario. Her mediums include oils, acrylics, charcoal, watercolors and pen and ink and her works are in collections around the world. Now both a grandmother and great grandmother, she has been painting for over 40 years. This painting of a farm nestled against the Canadian Rockies expresses the artist's love of nature in her own Impressionist style. It's the kind of painting we love--one that you feel you can step right into. It's signed lower right "FAW" in block letters.
Overall dimensions of the painting are 18 inches by 14 inches and it weighs about 2 pounds. The wooden frame is 1 1/8 inches wide and is a speckled greenish brown that complements the outdoor scene beautifully. We had our framer secure the painting in the frame, add dust paper on the back and a hanging wire complete with hangers. This lovely artwork is in pristine condition and is ready to hang and admire.
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snow farm painting by faw signed
snow farm painting by faw-back view

Persian Art Circa 1630 Erotic Painting on a Ceramic Platter

Erotic Painting on a Ceramic Platter


The erotic scene hand painted on this large platter is an artist's rendering of a painting entitled "Two Lovers," done in 1630 by a famous Persian miniaturist, one version of whose name is Reza-i-Abbasi (c. 1565 to 1635). The scene shows an amorous couple surrounded by feathers, flowers, apples and a bottle of perfume. The platter itself is creamy white clay with a glossy clear top glaze and touches of golden yellow at spots along the scalloped rim. The artist who painted this platter signed it on the reverse in black painted print: "Lovers" Riza-i-Abbasi 16th cent. Persian by E. Bagdasarian 12/86.
The platter measures 11 1/2 inches in diameter and is about an inch high. It's in outstanding condition, with wear to the golden yellow painted on the rim the only issue. It's an out-of-the-ordinary ceramic piece and beautifully painted.
Note: While the artist cited the original painting as being from the 16th century, since it was painted in 1630 it was actually done in the 17th century. This is the same mix-up commonly seen when an item is identified as being 19th century and from 1920 at the same time.
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PYH 4109

erotic lovers plate back showing lovers -Riza-i-Abbasi 16 cent. by E. Bagdasarian
erotic lovers plate front view