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Poole Pottery Galaxy Pattern Vase With Lavish Living Lava Glaze


This is an exciting, vibrant piece of modern pottery in the "Galaxy" pattern from Poole, the famous UK art pottery studio. The high gloss "living lava" drip glaze was applied in beautiful reds, yellows, oranges on a smooth, flat black background, a technique Poole is justly famous for. On this particular baluster shaped vase, the fiery glazes have been applied more generously than on many other examples, forming long loops that end in raised drips and blobs. The glazes are termed "reactive," meaning that each hand applied glaze reacts with the others to form one of a kind pieces. The vase is glazed black inside and on the bottom; the foot rim is unglazed where you can see the white clay that formed the vase. The bottom of the vase is marked with POOLE and a leaping dolphin. Below the dolphin is the word POTTERY and then ENGLAND, all of which is a bit difficult to see in photograph #4, as it is stamped in gray on the black background. This mark was …

Brass and Porcelain Irises Bowl Made in Hong Kong for I. Magnin

This beautiful porcelain bowl encased in solid brass was created in Hong Kong for I. Magnin, the luxury goods San Francisco, California department store that was in business from 1896 to 1994. It was probably made in the late 1960's or early 1970's, when these Asian porcelain bowls encased in brass or pewter were very popular (We received a pewter one for a wedding gift in 1967).

"Hand Decorated in Hong Kong" is stamped in red on the back, along with "I.MAGNIN." It is in excellent condition with no chips, no cracks, no crazing and no dents in the brass, which we've polished for you so it's ready to display proudly. The lovely pink and purple irises with their green leaves on the pure white porcelain are not overtly Asian in appearance, which makes the bowl easy to decorate with--it works with any decor that welcomes floral designs. The bowl is 7 1/2 inches across, 1 3/8 inches high on a 4 1/2 inch diameter base and weighs one pound. 

P.S. The ir…