Olive Glaze Notched Foot Marked Hand Thrown Studio Pottery Bowl

Studio Pottery Bowl Hand Thrown Olive Glaze Notched Foot Marked

The potter who threw this bowl used a speckled, rough tan clay to create a piece with some of the characteristics of a chawan, an East Asian bowl used for preparing whipped tea. The way the rim is rolled and angled, the curves of the body which make it pleasurable to cup in your hands and the thick foot with three evenly spaced notches--all speak of a very thoughtful potter very much in tune with his clay.
The glaze on this bowl is an olive green, with a myriad of brown speckles and a high gloss clear top glaze, except on the bottoms of the three feet. The center bottom of the bowl is indented on the inside and formed into a beautiful swirl on the bottom (photographs #2 and #3). The throwing ridges are very evident and tactile on both the exterior and interior. On the side of the bowl above one of the feet, the potter signed the piece with an impressed, conjoined JR in a circle (photograph #4).
The bowl is 7 3/4 inches across the top, stands 3 1/2 inches high and weighs 2 pounds. There are a couple of small clay bumps on the inside and a few tiny glaze color variations, all created in the firing, but it is in gleaming, pristine condition otherwise. It's a handsome piece of studio pottery that works in any design setting.
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Medium Brown Pottery Bowl tipped showing feet-2697 x 2296-jpg.JPG
Medium Brown Pottery Bowl Bottom View Tipped-2555 x 2460-jpg.JPG

Medium Brown Pottery Bowl tipped showing mark-3808 x 2592-jpg.JPG

Poole Pottery Galaxy Pattern Vase With Lavish Living Lava Glaze

Poole Pottery Galaxy Pattern Vase With Lavish Living Lava Glaze


This is an exciting, vibrant piece of modern pottery in the "Galaxy" pattern from Poole, the famous UK art pottery studio. The high gloss "living lava" drip glaze was applied in beautiful reds, yellows, oranges on a smooth, flat black background, a technique Poole is justly famous for. On this particular baluster shaped vase, the fiery glazes have been applied more generously than on many other examples, forming long loops that end in raised drips and blobs. The glazes are termed "reactive," meaning that each hand applied glaze reacts with the others to form one of a kind pieces. The vase is glazed black inside and on the bottom; the foot rim is unglazed where you can see the white clay that formed the vase.
The bottom of the vase is marked with POOLE and a leaping dolphin. Below the dolphin is the word POTTERY and then ENGLAND, all of which is a bit difficult to see in photograph #4, as it is stamped in gray on the black background. This mark was used at the studio between the late 1960's and the early 1980's. There is a painted white letter K also on the bottom, which is a decorator's mark.
This vase is 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide at the belly. The mouth is 4 1/4 inches across, the base is 3 1/4 inches in diameter and it weighs a sturdy 3 pounds. Other than a small shallow chip on the bottom rim (the white dots on the lava glaze are highlights from our photography, not flaws), it is in outstanding condition and a wonderful piece for a modern art pottery collection.
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Black and Orange Vase Close Up Side View-2-3328 x 2539-jpg.JPG

Black and Orange Vase Close Up Side View with chip-2253 x 2343-jpg.JPG

Black and Orange Vase Bottom Mark-1655 x 1212-jpg.JPG

English Chrome Candlesticks With Barley Twist Shafts and Repoussé Motifs

Chrome Candle Sticks with white Candle-with lit candle-1550 x 2587-jpg.JPG

Item Name
English Candlesticks Chrome with Barley Twist
Sold - $40.00

These lovely candlesticks are made of chrome, cast in a two part mold and marked on the bottom "Made in England." Chrome first came into use for decorative items in the 1930's; these candleholders with their convex cabochons flanked by leaf patterns on stippled backgrounds are more reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts style. They stand 5 1/2 inches tall on an almost 3 inch diameter round base; the candle cup opening is 1/2 inch wide. We've polished them up for you so they're ready for use on table, mantel or chest of drawers.
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Chrome Candle Sticks Bottom Made In England-4608 x 2592-jpg.JPG

Chrome Candle Sticks on side top view-2449 x 1957-jpg.JPG

Chrome Candle Sticks with white Candle-1868 x 2592-jpg.JPG

Virginia Metalcrafters Candle Sconce Made for Colonial Williamsburg

Brass wall candle sconce with candle lit 2577 x 2587-jpg.JPG

This beautiful brass chamberstick/candle sconce was made by Virginia Metalcrafters in Waynesboro, Virginia. The company began in 1890 and started making brass items in 1938. Their cast brass items are highly respected; they made authorized replicas for the Smithsonian and also Colonial Williamsburg, who commissioned this piece. It's a faithful copy of one in their collection. The formula VM used for the brass produced a heavy, golden brass and they used hand-carved molds. Every piece was hand finished. Sadly, the company is no longer in business.
The oval base of this candleholder has a candle tube 2 inches high that is decorated with tiny punched circles around the top and on each side of a vertical opening that enables you to remove a burned-down candle stub. The tube is attached to the base with three brass tabs underneath. The tab on the back has a hole for hanging that is surrounded by the same tiny circles and there are six stars below that. The tab is attached to the base with 2 copper rivets.
The sconce is 6 1/4 inches tall to the top of oval back tab, 7 1/4 inches across at the widest point of the saucer base and 5 1/4 inches front to back. It's in terrific condition, ready to hang on the wall or sit on a table or shelf. Wherever you place this chamberstick, it will add charm with its warm brass glow.
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Brass wall candle sconce back showing maker mark only-1385 x683.JPG
Brass wall cancle sconce-2603 x 2396-jpg.JPG 

Brass wall cancle sconce bottom view-2698 x 2174-jpg.JPG

Shearwater Pottery James Anderson Bowl

shearwater-pottery-bowl-1169 x 661-jpg.JPG

Shearwater Pottery was started in 1928 by Peter Anderson and it continues to be an Anderson family concern. The pottery is renowned for their distinctive glazes and the exceptional quality of their pieces. Each one is unique and individual. The only retail shop for their wares is located at their workshop in Ocean Springs, MS.

The impressed bottom mark in the buff clay reads Shearwater; a conjoined JA for James Anderson, and “00” for the year 2000.  James (Jim) Anderson joined Shearwater Pottery in 1966, working side-by-side with his father, Peter Anderson, until Peter’s death in 1984. Jim was the only potter at Shearwater until his son joined him in 1999.
This bowl is a beautiful example of their art pottery. The glossy blue glaze is gorgeous. The diameter of the bowl is 4 ¾ inches, the height is 2 inches and base is 2 ¼ inches across. The bowl is in excellent condition, with one tiny glaze skip and two minute bumps in the glaze, both of which occurred during firing.
This unique pottery piece will become more treasured and valuable as time goes by.
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shearwater-pottery-bowl-inside view-1078 x 771-jpg.JPG

blue-dish pottery-2-bottom mark-920 x 799-jpg.JPG

Brass and Porcelain Irises Bowl Made in Hong Kong for I. Magnin

Iris Bowl-2677 x 2243-jpg.JPG

This beautiful porcelain bowl encased in solid brass was created in Hong Kong for I. Magnin, the luxury goods San Francisco, California department store that was in business from 1896 to 1994. It was probably made in the late 1960's or early 1970's, when these Asian porcelain bowls encased in brass or pewter were very popular (We received a pewter one for a wedding gift in 1967).

"Hand Decorated in Hong Kong" is stamped in red on the back, along with "I.MAGNIN." It is in excellent condition with no chips, no cracks, no crazing and no dents in the brass, which we've polished for you so it's ready to display proudly. The lovely pink and purple irises with their green leaves on the pure white porcelain are not overtly Asian in appearance, which makes the bowl easy to decorate with--it works with any decor that welcomes floral designs. The bowl is 7 1/2 inches across, 1 3/8 inches high on a 4 1/2 inch diameter base and weighs one pound. 

P.S. The irises vase in photograph #2 is not included, but it is for sale. It's listed in our "The Orient Express" category, also.

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