Folk Art Black Woman Wood Carving

Wood Carving Black Woman-front view-.Folk Art Wood Carving

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Item Name Wood Carving of a Black Woman
Price $295.00
This is an extremely powerful and moving wood carving of a slave woman. The carver, probably another slave, managed to convey an extraordinary amount of humanity and detail in this 7 inch tall bust. Her kerchief is atop her curly hair and tied in a knot at the back of her head. Her eyes are carved out and have a soulful stare. The base is approximately 3 ½ inches by 3 inches and is curved in front to truly represent a bust. 

As a side note, but certainly not proof of provenance, we purchased this wonderful piece in St. Augustine, Florida, several decades ago and have cherished it ever since. 

Market Twig Basket with Carved Hickory Handle

Market Twig Basket with Carved Hickory Handle

Item Name
Country Twig Basket
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This large American country market basket was handwoven from strong and sturdy branches by a master basket maker. It is extremely well made and features a beautiful carved hickory handle.

The basket maker used an interesting construction technique: there is a rectangular piece of wood in the bottom for reinforcement and the basket was woven around this wooden piece. This early 1900’s basket has a wonderful, untouched dark brown color and patina.

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