Male African Congo Blackwood Carved Fertility Statue

Male African Congo Blackwood Carved Fertility Statue

Hand carved of a single piece of Mpinga (African blackwood), this fertility figure depicts a man of the tribe wearing a wrapped headdress with the ossicones ( often called horns) of a giraffe, a totemic animal for the tribes in the area of what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Giraffes represent pride and achievement and grace. This young man is standing tall and regally, with one hand on his hip and the other holding a curved tool. He is wearing a wrapped loincloth with a sash and is anatomically correct, having a navel--slightly off-center--and an exaggeratedly large male organ. It's probable he is an important member of the tribe, which we believe is Songye (sometimes written as Songe). 

 Wood Carved Male Fertility Statue

This handsome carving stands 11 inches tall, is a bit over 2 inches wide, 2 1/2 inches front to back and mid 20th century in age. He balances quite firmly on his carved feet and is in excellent condition, with no cracks or chips. It's a well carved African tribal art work.

African wood carved Male Fertility Statue bottom view-

Note: While these black wood carvings from Africa are often called "ebony," they are most often Mpinga wood. Ebony is a different genus, quite 
brittle and not nearly as available as Mpinga. 

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